Two Friends

Back in October of 1999, Gregory Pease stayed with us during a short vacation. Of course, when two tobacco blenders get together, talk will turn to tobacco. During one of our little day trips into the beautiful North Carolina countryside, we talked about how much fun it would be to collaborate on some blends.

Later that evening over a bottle of fine single malt, the idea for “Two Friends” tobaccos began to take shape. After a couple months of planning, with two per day phone calls, recipe ideas bouncing back and forth over email, lots of experimenting, and a little good natured arguing, the brand was born.

About the blends, Greg says, “These are wonderful. Neither of us would have done them alone, but there was a synergy to our efforts, a merging of the minds. Each of our unique styles comes through, but they work together, like two friends should.”

The label art depicts a wonderful old tobacco shed in Valle Crucis, NC. Greg took the photo, and we all thought it would be great.

Two Friends Blends

  • Celtic Mist
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Deacon’s Downfall
  • Valle Crucis
  • Redwood
  • Heritage