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Tobacco Types

Maltese Falcon

Stylish, dark and alluring. Generous quantities of cyprian Latakia are blended with mature red Virginias, exotic orientals, and just a little bright flue cured leaf to offer a deep, full-bodied yet silky smoke with an intriguing sweetness, ehanced by a discreet and mysterious spice. Maltese Falcon possesses an exquisite balance-a wonderful all day English style […]

Burley Tobacco

Burley tobacco is a light air-cured Tobacco used primarily for cigarette production. In the United States it is produced in an eight state belt with approximately 70% produced in Kentucky. Tennessee produces approximately 20% with smaller amounts produced in Indiana, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. Burley tobacco is produced in many other countries with […]

Cavendish Tobacco

Cavendish is more a process of curing and a method of cutting Tobacco than a type of it. The processing and the cut are used to bring out the natural sweet taste in the tobacco. Cavendish can be produced out of any tobacco type but is usually one of, or a blend of Kentucky, Virginia, and Burley and is most commonly used […]

Perique Tobacco

Perique is a type of tobacco from Saint James Parish, Louisiana known for its strong, powerful, and fruity aroma. When the Acadians made their way into this region in 1776, the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes were cultivating a variety of tobacco with a distinctive flavor. A farmer named Pierre Chenet is credited with first turning this local tobacco […]

Turkish tobacco

Turkish tobacco or Oriental tobacco is highly aromatic, small-leafed variety of tobacco which is sun-cured. Historically, it was cultivated primarily in Thrace and Macedonia (region)|Macedonia, now divided among Greece, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, and Turkey, but it is now also grown on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, in Egypt, in South Africa, and elsewhere.


Latakia tobacco is a specially prepared tobacco originally produced in Syria and named after the port city of Latakia. Now the tobacco is mainly produced in Cyprus. It is cured over a stone pine or oak wood fire, which gives it an intense smokey-peppery taste and smell. Too strong for most people’s tastes to smoke straight, […]