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Tobacco Companies

Cross-eyed Cricket

This has a base of unsweetened black cavendish with Turkish, Latakia and Perique, enclosed in a light rum punch flavor.Is this an English or aromatic blend? You decide.

Villiger Stokkebye International

Villiger Stokkebye International combines many generations of two families and more than 240 years of experience in the tobacconist’s art into one company. The Villiger family of Switzerland and the Stokkbeye family of Denmark have long been recognized as world-wide leaders in the cigar and pipe tobacco businesses, respectively.

G. L. Pease

I first became enchanted by the leaf while at university. Though I’d smoked a pipe intermittently for a couple of years (inspired first by a High School science teacher, whose delightful pipe smoke is one of my fondest memories), I didn’t realize just how enjoyable a good tobacco could be until I walked into Drucquer […]

Cornell & Diehl

Cornell & Diehl is a pipe tobacco manufacturing company that specializes in blending the finest smoking tobaccos the old-fashioned way – in small batches, by hand. They currently manufacture some of the world’s most popular pipe tobacco blends, including those created by G.L. Pease. All of their natural (non-aromatic) blends contain no additives and are […]