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Tobacco Brands

Stanwell Tin Tobaccos

Hand Blended Danish Pipe Tobaccos Created with the spirit of the legendary pipemaker Poul Stanwell, the Stanwell pipe tobaccos meet the expectations of pipe tobacco    enthusiasts in more than 25 countries world wide.

Captain Earle Series

For years one of the “worst kept secrets in the industry” has been the fact that C&D manufactures the Captain Earle Series of fine tobaccos for the great folks at Hermit Tobacco Works. The series was inspired by the addition of the antique meerschaum pipe owned by Capt. James A.M. Earle to the Hermit Tobacco […]

Serenity Series

Serenity Series by William Serad.A series of blends cut to be easy to pack and easy to light, and formulated to enjoy all day. Each blend is American in character: open friendly and generous. Each is light in condimental leaf or flavorings with no diminution in flavor. Each has some portion of cubed burley for […]

Two Friends

Back in October of 1999, Gregory Pease stayed with us during a short vacation. Of course, when two tobacco blenders get together, talk will turn to tobacco. During one of our little day trips into the beautiful North Carolina countryside, we talked about how much fun it would be to collaborate on some blends.