Captain Earle Series

For years one of the “worst kept secrets in the industry” has been the fact that C&D manufactures the Captain Earle Series of fine tobaccos for the great folks at Hermit Tobacco Works. The series was inspired by the addition of the antique meerschaum pipe owned by Capt. James A.M. Earle to the Hermit Tobacco Collection.

Capt. Earle was master of the Charles W. Morgan, a whaler out of New Bedford, Ma. Capt. Earle sailed the seven seas with his trusty meerschaum (among other pipes) for company.

Cornell & Diehl, Inc. is pleased to be able to now offer these wonderful premium pipe tobacco blends.

Captain Earle Products

  • Captain Earle’s Private Stock
  • Captain Earle’s Nightwatch
  • Captain Earle’s Ten Russians
  • Captain Earle’s Honor Blend
  • Captain Earle’s Mystic Blend